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I will create a “Get Back to Work” Program which will provide more opportunities for all citizens in the District to gain employment. Using the temp agency framework, the State will streamline the employment process, as well as, provide on the job training to ensure these employees gain the certifications needed to continue work with County, State, and City agencies and local contractors/businesses once their temporary employment status ends. This is an opportunity that will be open to everyone, including recent graduates, veterans, senior citizens, and rehabilitated felons.

  • District Beautification - Selected citizens employed under this program will be assigned to the areas with District 35 that require beautification. They will be removing trash from illegal dumping, fixing potholes, and repainting buildings that have been spray painted. Business and home owners will also be given a special discounted rate from contractors to improve their property.
  • Gang Redemption Programs - Current and former gang members and rehabilitated felons will be employed through the “Get Back to Work” program to positively contribute to their communities by working with the Homelessness Task Force and the District Beautification Team. I will also create a quick path to expunge the records of those who participate in this program  (minor or nonviolent offenses only).


Anthony Perry