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As a true resident in District 35, I will be a grassroots Senator who connects with the people. I desire to hear the concerns of my citizens and serve their needs in a personal and tangible manner.

Our District is quite diverse and all issues may not affect every city the same way. However, I believe the following are some of the most pressing issues facing District 35. Please read through my platform and feel free to make suggestions of things to add or change. I want to hear your voice! Your vote is an investment in my ability to bring change to our District. Therefore, your needs and opinions truly matter to me.

Through the use of State resources and the collaboration with local nonprofit organizations, I will create a Homelessness Task Force to ensure that the those currently living on the streets... Learn More


I will create an initiative which will provide teachers with a $500 credit. Teachers will be issued a debit card by the State to which funds will be deposited... Learn More

Educational Funding and Improvements

I will work with State, Federal, and private funding agencies to make it easier for people to become homeowners and business owners... Learn More

Homeowner and Small Business Owner Assistance

I will create a “Get Back to Work” Program which will provide more opportunities for all citizens in the District to gain employment. Using the temp agency framework... Learn More


Our Mission

It Begins With You

My Focus As Your Future Senator

Creative arts and advance math and science programs are incredibly important to the development of our youth... Learn More

Reviving Creativity

I will create a “Social Justice Bill of Rights” that can be applied to all aspects of life (employment, education, law enforcement, justice system, and government)... Learn More

Justice Reform

I will form a District-wide Pandemic/Natural Disaster Preparedness Task Force that will work tirelessly to acquire comprehensive resources... Learn More

Pandemic/Natural Disaster Preparedness

Seniors are the largest population amongst us, focusing on affordable housing and incentives for seniors... Learn More

Senior Citizens